In-House Management Software

OptiWARE™ Streamlines Projects

OptiWARE™ is our suite of propriety management software tools designed to assist our team project managers, engineers, and analysts to manage our project costs and milestones. It’s one of our secret weapons.  OptiWARE™ allows us to analyze deeper, quicker, and more efficiently than our competitors. It’s customizable to client conditions and issues and allows us to target your hot buttons and specific areas of concern.

Software-Expedited Recommendations

The data we capture via our CEK transfers quickly and easily into to our OptiWARE™ software. This allows our trained consulting staff to rapidly analyze known problem areas and to dive deep into areas that can provide our clients with customized efficiency and cost recovery solutions. Through our CEK and OptiWARE™ and other tools, we maintain a consistent process and approach that ensures successful results for each and every client project. OptiCOMM recognizes that “time is money”, so each optimization or savings solution is surfaced as quickly as they become available, in order to maximize client benefits.

Compatible with Vendor Portals

Along with importing information from our project specific data capturing tools such as the CEK, OptiWARE™ also has been improved over the years to import billing information from the carrier portals and TEMS systems. This capability gives our optimization consultants the opportunity to "slice and dice" your data in unlimited ways and uncover trends that lead to increased efficiency and improvement gains. We use this functionality to find deeper savings opportunities that most other consultants would ignore, but cumulatively they add up to noticeable savings.

Client Portal Speeds Approval

At the end of our Discovery and Analysis phases, OptiCOMM provides a secure client access into our web-enabled OptiWARE™ portal that has been loaded with our recommendations on efficiency and savings solutions for client review and approval. Once a client approves an OptiCOMM recommendation through the portal, we can initiate the required implementation of that solution. Whether it’s unneeded circuits that are eliminated, cost reductions based on contract term errors, lines optimized, or billed services corrections, it all adds up to a lot of money. When OptiCOMM recommendations provide efficiency and savings gains, we try to ensure you get those benefits quickly. By working directly through the OptiWARE™ client portal, your internal telecom staffers can easily and quickly review our recommendations and indicate approval of each one. By getting our recommendations swiftly approved, we are empowered to proceed with immediate execution of implementing the changes and improvements.