About OptiCOMM and Our CEO

Learn About Our Leadership and What Makes OptiCOMM Special

We are OptiCOMM Solutions Group (“OptiCOMM”). We are a totally unbiased, vendor-neutral telecom consulting entity located in Louisville, KY. Our allegiance in our consulting efforts is only to you, our clients and your needs. OptiCOMM founder and CEO, Jim Strozdas has over 20+ years in the telecom consulting business. Our consultants represent a full breadth and depth of telecom expertise covering the entire data and voice spectrum. Our time-tested proprietary processes and in-house management software tools assist our dedicated manpower in finding dramatic savings recovery, thereby improving network and entire telecom infrastructure efficiencies.

QRF Tech is our subsidiary for implementing IT and telecom consulting projects for government and military clients. Acquired in 2016, QRF Tech now provides the full repertoire of OptiCOMM consulting services for clients in the government sector. Our telecom consultants have pre-approved security clearances to expedite our ability to bring the same optimization and savings recovery projects to the government sector as we have done in the private sector. For more details on our government services subsidiary and Eric Wolfe, OptiCOMM Program Lead for Government clients, please see the QRF Tech section on this website.

The company’s portfolio of client projects represents a consulting expertise that spans 20+ years of satisfying and excelling with Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 clients. Our client references and the number of repeat clients speak highly for the value we consistently provide. When you get a chance, take a look at Our Success section to get a better viewpoint of the diversity of our clients, our projects, and the tremendous accomplishments we continue to provide with our expertise.

OptiCOMM is totally different than the rest. Even beyond the points of being totally unbiased, having a full breadth of expertise, and amassing a proven successful methodology and proprietary process. Our telecom management expertise provides our clients with a clear path to true optimization and critical balancing of the three interrelated, interdependent telecom areas. (see Optimized Telecom Management). The name OptiCOMM stands for Optimized Telecommunications. We see optimization as the critical success path to getting substantial efficiency gains and savings recovery in a client’s telecom environment. It’s a more strategic philosophy that pays off significantly for our clients.

We are here to help our clients in a project-based, needs-oriented consulting style. We come. We excel. We leave. Til you need us again.


OptiCOMM CEO and Founder, Jim Strozdas began his telecom career in 1992, first starting the highly respected, nationally recognized telecom consulting & management firm known as QCI. Awarded the prestigious Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, Jim grew QCI into a telecom consulting industry force, with a large corporate headquarters in Louisville KY, with three branch offices nationally. QCI was listed on INC Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies and maintained 10 years servicing satisfied Fortune 1000 clients nationally.

In 2002, Jim started OptiCOMM Solutions Group (OptiCOMM), as a service provider of unbiased telecom consulting expertise for Fortune 500 clients. OptiCOMM quickly garnered client success and has amassed a solid reputation for being highly professional, comprehensive, and recovering substantial telecom efficiency gains and savings recovery with its client projects.

Known for his fairness, integrity, and client retention capability, Jim Strozdas is a hands-on, strategic force to be reckoned with in the telecom consulting industry. His ability to negotiate the very best contracts for his clients is well known, while he is still well respected by carriers and vendors alike. The strong business relationships he develops with many of his clients last decades. “We have many clients requesting multiple OptiCOMM engagements over 20 years”, states Jim. “New projects, same client. We must be different from the rest for some reason, because we keep getting asked back.”