QRF Tech - Government Telecom Consulting

GSA- and SEWP V-Approved Government Telecom Consulting

The recent OptiCOMM acquisition of QRF, Tech provides us with a great resource to conduct government and military sector consulting projects with the same savings recovery benefits and optimization gains that we already provide private sector companies. QRF Tech specializes in network engineering and bandwidth optimization for public sector entities. By combining the strengths of QRF Tech and OptiCOMM resources, we are now able to provide government and military entities with an expansive depth of expertise and service offerings across the entire voice, data, and wireless spectrum.

Eric Wolfe, Program Lead on Govt/Military Projects

Former CEO of QRF Tech, Eric Wolfe has accepted the role as Program Lead on all government/military client projects for the newly formed OptiCOM's government services subsidiary. He is an accomplished network engineer with over 15 years of specialized expertise across multiple disciplines of networking and application technologies. His hands-on experience ranges from data center migration, network design/implementation, application performance and modeling to application modernization. He is a recognized SME in a variety of different platforms, including Cisco, Juniper, Wireshark, Riverbed, Opnet, HP, Net Scout, Solar Winds, Net Data, Microsoft, and Plate Spin. Eric Wolfe, himself, is a combat disabled veteran who bravely served in combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kosovo.

QRF Tech: Proven Success with Govt & Fortune 100s

When Eric Wolfe formed his IT/Telecom consulting entity over 15 years ago, QRF Tech was started as a SDVO. QRF Tech success through the years has resulted from the powerful combination of Eric's brilliant mind and his company's ability to apply extraordinary solutions to complex IT and telecom problems.  By utilizing telecom experts with pre-approved security clearances, our QRF Tech subsidiary is able to expedite consulting engagements quickly in government and military organizations to get results fast for our clients. Past QRF Tech clients include numerous Fortune 100 companies, including ones in the industries of fossil fuel energy, automobile manufacture, healthcare insurance, financial services, and government defense.


The QRF Tech government services subsidiary also provides expedited project start-up with current listings as an approved vendor in both the GSA and SEWP V directories. Additionally, our dedicated manpower teams assigned to government sector projects already have their security-clearance access, so we can provide the required security and recover savings quicker. Through our subsidiary, QRF Tech manpower teams can handle very large projects spanning hundreds of locations, branches, and sites with our focused expertise, shortened timetables, and provide substantial savings solutions for your approval.