OptiCOMM Market Position

A Market Leader and Trusted Provider of Unbiased, Carrier-Neutral Telecom Consulting Services

“Providing our clients superior value and ROI by offering deep and swift optimization expertise and savings recovery that restores a truly accurate, right-sized, and cost-efficient telecom infrastructure to forward manage”

Telecom Management is comprised of three core elements that are interrelated and interdependent:  Inventory  Management, Change Management, Billing Management.  They all must remain accurate and right-sized to maintain an optimal infrastructure that is cost-efficient.   It is not unusual that any or all of these elements gets off-balance and disrupts the entire “eco-system”.  To restore optimization requires deep and extensive expertise.

Our bold, unique approach is based on three foundations:

  • An unbiased, vendor-neutral ethic for highest client loyalty and value
  • Full breadth and depth of expertise across the data, voice, wireless spectrum
  • Proven proprietary processes and in-house management software

Comparing OptiCOMM versus other consulting entities is more like apples:oranges, because we operate at a higher level of excellence. Far from those “white paper consultants” who leave their clients with only worthless reports better used for shredding, than actual value. If you can’t see the savings hit your bottom line, you can’t really use it, can you? OptiCOMM savings recovery is quantifiable, specific, and even guaranteed with our TIO projects. We go an extra level deeper and implement our approved solutions to ensure they will be fully and quickly realized. OptiCOMM is also light years above those billing auditors and contingency types too. At some point, you do get what you pay for. While others float the benefits of superficial and obvious savings, OptiCOMM is more comprehensive in breadth, depth, and expertise, and will find much more. Get all the savings you deserve. Not just the tip of the iceberg. Get the OptiCOMM Difference

Resources That Complement In-House Expertise

Our unique service offerings are project-based and assist internal telecom department staff by conducting the deep savings recovery work, the tediously time-consuming inventory audits and billing optimization processes.  By using our dedicated, focused manpower teams of experts, we allow your valuable strategic work to continue, while we swiftly uncover hidden problems and inaccuracies, and bring solutions and substantial savings forward for your approval.

We take our value one step further on our most comprehensive projects and provide a rare and outstanding upfront Guarantee of Savings recovery of at least 11% of a client’s annualized telecom spend. Our projects minimize client risk while maximizing ROI and our savings recovered even far offset our consulting fees. There are only upsides to gain here.  We can do this faster and better.   We pay for ourselves.  We give you an up-front guarantee so you can immediately start planning where to spend your future savings to better strategic use. 

Take a closer look at our Expertise and Services sections, or go right to our SUCCESS section to see the measurable value we bring to large companies with the very same issues as yours.  If you already know we are right for your needs, go to our CONTACT US section so we can get started bringing value you can take to the bank.