Our Areas of Telecom Expertise

Our Areas of Telecom Expertise Cover Data, Voice, and Mobile Network Optimization

OptiCOMM’s areas of expertise range from data network optimization and voice network optimization, to wireless and mobile optimization. Our decades of combined experience allow us excel in understanding the biased, chaotic, and dynamic nature of the telecom environment and the impact or consequences of such. Our expert investigative ability to dig deep within the telecom environment and identify which areas require data, wireless, voice, or mobile network optimization allow us to provide superior solutions that make your future decision-making more efficient and effective.

Our talent comes to us from all telecom backgrounds, forging skilled project teams that consistently meet and even exceed client satisfaction levels.

OptiCOMM Areas of Telecom Expertise include:

  • Voice Network Optimization, Wireless and Mobile Optimization, and Data Network Optimization: Right-sizing Infrastructure
  • Cost Reduction Opportunities
  • Network Engineering
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Application Performance
  • Vendor Negotiations and Management
  • Carrier or Network Transitions
  • Services/Assets Needs Assessment
  • New Technology Advances and Upgrade Evaluation
  • Certified Project Management, remote/on-site

Eliminate Chaos with Voice, Wireless, Mobile, and Data Network Optimization

An organization’s ability to manage its telecom environment can lead it to become impaired over time. This is why regular data, wireless, mobile, and voice network optimization is important. For an organization to stay strategically competitive, it requires flexibility, adaptability, and ever-changing tactics. Technology changes, growth, downsizing, mergers, "lean & mean" staffing levels—these all require your telecom department to make swift maneuvers and adept decisions. Without outside expertise in mobile, wireless, voice, and data network optimization, it is nearly impossible for an organization to continue to maintain an optimal, cost-effective telecom environment. Large organizations, organically over time, develop a costly imbalance in their telecom environment. Inaccurate telecom asset inventory or an environment with unnecessary services negatively impacts decision-making by providing a flawed foundation.

Clarity is what OptiCOMM provides. Through our data, voice, wireless, and mobile optimization solutions, we provide reassurance that your organization will now utilize only the services it truly needs and pay only the correct amount for those services. Substantial recovered savings are returned to your bottom line. In our most comprehensive projects, we are so certain of our value to our clients that we even guarantee a level of savings upfront. With OptiCOMM’s voice network optimization, wireless and mobile optimization, and data network optimization, we leave our clients with an accurate database of telecom inventory and an optimal environment to more easily and effectively manage. A better cornerstone makes a better telecom foundation for decision-making.

Enhance Your Expertise to Succeed

Technology advances, carrier transitions, RFI/RFP processes and TEM implementations are all part of the dynamic environment that a telecom department has to struggle with all the time. It isn’t easy for a company to keep abreast and stay current of all the industry changes and trends in voice, wireless, mobile, and data network optimization. You want the best, but what exactly is the best for your particular organization and its unique needs? That’s where OptiCOMM telecom network optimization solutions come in.

Knowing when to call in some outside expertise is smart, not weak. OptiCOMM can provide a depth of expertise that can improve your telecom functionality. Less-experienced contract negotiation of rates and service levels can be a costly mistake. A sub-par RFP can leave you with long-term consequences. A carrier transition or technology upgrade that is poorly implemented can lead to disastrous downtime no organization can afford. OptiCOMM’si data, voice, wireless, and mobile optimization solutions all involve the provision of certified PMPs to manage every project expertly and efficiently. Our teams are hand-selected to complement your internal staff, with professional management and follow-through.