Private & Government Telecom Consulting Services

Trusted Telecom Consulting Solutions for All Private, Government, and Military Organizations

We find both Private Sector industries and Government Sector entities benefit similarly from OptiCOMM expertise and its service offerings.   Over time, we have amassed a list of similar characteristics of clients that have gained the most value and return on their investment from our services. See if your company or government entity is an ideal fit for Our Services.

Private Sector

Our Fortune 500 clients are well respected in their fields and come from a wide range of industry categories- including healthcare, financial, retail, aerospace, and more. The diversity of OptiCOMM clientele reflects our ability to make a meaningful impact for any large company in any industry. Fast growth, mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, technology advances, decentralized/centralized decision making- these factors all naturally create a telecom environment that can become unresponsive, inefficient, and over-spent. These telecom issues are broad reaching and not industry-specific. See if your company fits this common profile of clients with whom we typically consult.

Larger organizations with any of these characteristics:
  • All types of industries
  • High growth companies
  • Downsized companies
  • Seeking large cost reductions for greater competitiveness
  • Operationally impaired by outdated telecom technology
  • Those with acquisitions/mergers, absorbing diverse telecom assets
  • Varied types of locations with different telecom needs
  • Corporate headquarters location and regional/national branch/remote sites
  • Annual telecom spending upwards of $10 Million
  • Large telecom infrastructure and huge array of telecom assets
  • Decentralized telecom decision-making across locations/sites

Government Sector 

For our new Government Sector prospects and clients, we do understand your distinct differences from the private sector. With our acquisition of talented government services subsidiary, QRF Tech, LLC, we can now offer the same expertise to restore efficiency and effectiveness in your telecom network and to surface dramatic savings recovery through our proprietary processes. Like no other company, QRF Tech can amass sizeable manpower resources and apply them on a large-scale basis across hundreds of locations or sites over a condensed window of time. Additionally, we recognize the importance of staffing our teams with experienced, pre-approved security-clearance personnel to manage projects in the most sensitive areas of Government. This benefit allows for faster start-up and implementation of our projects for faster savings recovery.


Client: Global Bank

  • Recovered $12.5 million in annual savings
  • Removed 2,200 unnecessary, costly circuits
  • Assisted with managing consolidation of 2 acquisitions

Client: Healthcare Entity

  • Optimized network efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recovered $5 million in annual savings
  • Reduced annual telecom spend by 20%
  • Conducted on-site visits of 572 locations

Client: Aerospace Company

  • Optimized network efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recovered $7.0 million in annual savings
  • Avoided additional $4.4 million in unnecessary CapEX
  • Removed 17,500 (22%) unneeded lines & handsets
  • Developed accurate asset inventory


OptiCOMM Acquires QRF Tech

Network Experts with Security Clearance

In 2016, OptiCOMM acquired QRF Tech, LLC, an entrepreneurial consulting company which specializes in network engineering and bandwidth optimization for public agencies and private sector corporations. This acquisition expands OptiCOMM's expertise into the public sector and provides OptiCOMM's private sector clients access to cutting edge optimization tools.

For more information see our QRF Tech page.