Our Menu of Telecom Consulting Services and Solutions

Telecom Network Solutions Designed to Optimize Networks and Generate Savings

At OptiCOMM, our telecom consulting services are designed to provide substantial and swift savings recovery, all while optimizing your organization’s telecom infrastructure. Our experienced telecommunications consultants are committed to providing Fortune 500 companies telecom network solutions with the greatest value.

The government sector is another area of great opportunity for our telecom network solutions to create gains in efficiency and savings recovery through QRF Tech—our government services subsidiary. Our telecom consulting services are listed here in project name as well as amplified in individual detail. Often our OptiCOMM telecommunications consultants collaborates with its clients to address specific needs that don’t fit a specific project mold. In those instances, we can easily accommodate those needs and adjust the in-scope area appropriately. Take a look through our telecom consulting services listing here and see if we can fill your specific need or address your current telecom concerns with any of our most requested projects.

Our list of core telecom network solutions that are in high client demand:

  • Telecom Infrastructure Optimization “TIO” (with Guarantee)
  • Contract Negotiation/RFI -RFP Process Management
  • Network Redesign & Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Network/Carrier Transition
  • Billing Review & Optimization
  • Telecom Inventory Assessment
  • Special Projects (per Client Request)

Telecom Infrastructure Optimization (TIO)

By far, our most requested telecom consulting service offering is also our most comprehensive and most in-depth. We call it a Telecom Infrastructure Optimization, or “TIO.” As you can read in OUR SUCCESS section, our TIO projects reward clients with the highest upside potential for savings and return on investment. These projects minimize client risk of entry by affording them a substantial savings guarantee upfront of at least 11%, and assurances that our consulting fees are further offset in the process.

Most of our individualized telecom network solutions seen below are naturally integrated into our highly successful, comprehensive TIO projects. Contract Negotiation, for example, may be an ideal in-scope element within a TIO, or becomes more suitable as a later standalone project depending on a client’s priorities and timing for contract renewals. If your organization is really serious about gaining real optimization within its telecom infrastructure, a TIO project through OptiCOMM will accomplish and even exceed your goals.

Telecom Infrastructure Optimization (TIO)

Contract Negotiations with carriers, managed service providers, equipment resellers and maintenance vendors is an OptiCOMM speciality. OptiCOMM's insider knowledge of best rates, terms, and service levels gives our clients a powerful, competitive edge. Risks of over-paying can last years with contracts. Our experienced telecommunication consultants can provide assistance with all phases of procurement from RFI to final negotiations. Telecom consulting service can be an ideal add-on benefit for a client’s TIO project, if the timing of the TIO project coincides with any upcoming contract renewals or RFI/RFP vendor negotiations. If the timing differs, clients can still benefit from this standalone service at an alternate timeframe and gain OptiCOMM industry insider expertise to ensure the very best terms are obtained.

Network/Carrier Transition provides smooth implementation from start to finish by OptiCOMM telecommunications consultants with years of experience with vendor management and critical service transition projects, so there's minimal downtime incurred and maximized communication on progress to completion. This telecom consulting service can be an ideal add-on benefit for a client’s TIO project, if the client is considering the need or desire to change their current network or carrier. If the timing of the TIO project differs from a transition project, clients can still benefit from this standalone service at an alternate timeframe and gain OptiCOMM project management expertise and evaluative capabilities to make the best choice and provide for a smooth and professional execution.

Project Management offers clients the ability to have professional, PMP-certified project managers adept in managing client projects or assisting in-house telecom departments either on-site or remote-based to maintain on-time schedules for short-term or longer-term assignments. Many projects benefit from OptiCOMM’s telecom consulting services, which covers carrier transitions, infrastructure upgrades, hardware refresh, and TEM installations. Seamless communication, professional management, and smooth execution and implementation avoid chaos and downtime issues.

Billing Review & Optimization, performed by OptiCOMM experts, is far different than those simplistic forays done by "billing auditors" that pick only the "low hanging fruit." OptiCOMM telecom consulting services dig much further in the assessment of your billed and contracted services for our large clients because we find the most efficiency gains and savings recovery are well below the superficial level. Before we even assess whether there's inaccurate billing, we first comprehensively review whether your existing assets and services are even ones you need or want. That engineering analysis stage alone offers up great potential for network efficiencies and savings recovery. Only after that assessment does OptiCOMM then examine your billing arena for inaccuracies that will surface even more savings. Once you approve our telecom network solutions, the OptiCOMM team of telecommunications consultants will initiate specific corrective actions with the carriers or vendors involved. We will request change orders, work orders and billing revisions to enact the solutions to fully realize the savings and efficiency you deserve.

Special Projects- Client Request
From time to time, we receive client requests for telecom network solutions that beyond our typical telecom consulting services menu. Please feel welcome to ask us about any expertise or service, and we will honestly tell you whether we can be of help or not.

Learn more about any of our telecom consulting services by contacting us today and reviewing our previous telecom network solutions projects in Our Success section. See how OptiCOMM can best help your organization utilize its telecom assets effectively and more cost efficiently. We’ll help your organization re-set its telecom picture so you can shine brighter and feel more confident in decision-making effectiveness.


Client: Global Bank

  • Recovered $12.5 million in annual savings
  • Removed 2,200 unnecessary, costly circuits
  • Assisted with managing consolidation of 2 acquisitions

Client: Healthcare Entity

  • Optimized network efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recovered $5 million in annual savings
  • Reduced annual telecom spend by 20%
  • Conducted on-site visits of 572 locations

Client: Aerospace Company

  • Optimized network efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recovered $7.0 million in annual savings
  • Avoided additional $4.4 million in unnecessary CapEX
  • Removed 17,500 (22%) unneeded lines & handsets
  • Developed accurate asset inventory


OptiCOMM Acquires QRF Tech

Network Experts with Security Clearance

In 2016, OptiCOMM acquired QRF Tech, LLC, an entrepreneurial consulting company which specializes in network engineering and bandwidth optimization for public agencies and private sector corporations. This acquisition expands OptiCOMM's expertise into the public sector and provides OptiCOMM's private sector clients access to cutting edge optimization tools.

For more information see our QRF Tech page.