Our Proprietary Telecom Consulting Process

Proprietary Telecom Consulting Solutions Designed to Recover Savings

Our unique process combines a powerful combination of full spectrum telecom talent with our in-house management software tools.  With these resources, OptiCOMM brings its clients improved network efficiency, enhanced asset management capability, and the ability to pay the least cost for the optimal telecom services.

First, We Listen. To You.

Our teams want to hear your needs and challenges.  Such as your struggles to have the best network at the lowest cost and manage it effectively with today’s “lean and mean” staffing levels. The headaches of quick-to-market technology advances and upgrades, mergers and fast growth or sudden downsizing – they all leave a trail of chronic internal disruption in their wakes.  As totally unbiased consultants, we represent only You. OptiCOMM teams use our proprietary Client Engagement Kit (CEK) that ensures a consistent process of capturing the best information from our client interviews to help us best serve you. Our CEK also assists us in data capturing to help us in our Analysis phase when we apply that data to creative problem solving methodology and reach recommendations for client approval.

Then, We Choose the Right People. For You.

Our hand-selected teams mirror the exact telecom talent you need for a successful project outcome. Need expertise in data, voice, network design, contract negotiation, carrier billing? We've got you covered. Our certified PMPs head up each client project. OptiCOMM uses dedicated, focused manpower capable of handling large-scale on-site visits nationwide. The speed of our execution is far greater than can be done in-house.  Faster solutions mean earlier efficiency gains and savings recovery. 

Finally, We Bring Solutions That You Can Bank On.

Our recommendations are swift, comprehensive, and immediately actionable. Your in-house telecom staff will have a fresh start to better manage its telecom assets. Network efficiency is now optimized. The exclusive OptiCOMM Guarantee provides our clients with assurances that we will recover at least 11% or more in annualized savings. Furthermore, our consulting fees are typicaly far offset by the savings we surface. Seeing Telecom through your ROI perspective is our unique advantage.