Telecom Infrastructure Optimization (TIO) Savings Guarantee

We Stand By Our TOI Projects' Ability to Deliver Telecom Savings

A comprehensive TIO project is designed to improve network optimization and to recover the greatest savings potential. As part of our TIO, our clients receive an upfront Guarantee of specific savings recovery as a valuable incentive to get started quickly so network efficiencies can be remedied and savings that are surfaced can be redirected to better strategic efforts.

The OptiCOMM Guarantee:
“OptiCOMM guarantees we will recover savings for
our client of at least 11% of their annual in-scope telecom spend”

Some additional key elements to note about our TIO projects, in addition to our valuable guarantee:

  • OptiCOMM minimizes a client’s risk of engagement for this comprehensive project because our actual savings recovery on TIOs typically more than offsets our project consulting fees.
  • All savings in excess of the guaranteed 11% will accrue to our client’s benefit. Over our 15+ year history of TIO engagements, OptiCOMM has averaged actual savings recovery of 18-20%. Clients not only benefit from getting our guarantee at the start, but also additionally benefit from the upsides of actual savings recovery.
  • OptiCOMM caps its consulting fees at the original fixed fee price, protecting clients from unanticipated higher fees upon higher savings recovery.

This compelling ROI brings assurances to both your telecom and financial departments of our value. We’ve taken your risk out. Your ROI is a compelling one. All that is left is to get started with OptiCOMM to enjoy the upside benefits. Can you really afford not to hire us?