Telecom Infrastructure Optimization (TIO) Service Overview

High Client Satisfaction and Telecom Costs Recovery, Guaranteed

A TIO is our most requested service offering. It also happens to be where clients gain the most value. It involves a large-scale effort of deep scrutiny of your infrastructure and utilizes a dedicated manpower effort to restore network efficiency and recover the greatest amount of savings. While many consultants may not go as deep in recovery as we do, they also don’t surface tangible savings that can be fully realized. OptiCOMM goes to a whole other level. As our solutions are surfaced and client-approved, we start to work immediately on getting those savings realized.

Within a TIO are two critical subsets of OptiCOMM project expertise that have high improvement potential for our clients. Specifically, we are referring to our Telecom Inventory Assessment and Network Optimization. In addition to our Billing Audit and Optimization, and timely Contract Negotiation and Carrier/Network Transition services, these two other expertise areas warrant further detail regarding their comprehensive worthwhile value within our TIOs.

Invaluable Accuracy

Our Telecom Inventory Assessment is used to restore an accurate picture of a client’s telecom asset inventory. Too often, over time, inventory becomes more of a guesstimate, not an accurate portrayal of valued assets that costs precious money every month. OptiCOMM teams can do a thorough, on-site inspection to create a truly accurate database, and reduce excess services in the process. Avoiding bad decisions based on inaccurate data is key to proper telecom management. Enhancing future decision-making power is our goal for you. With OptiCOMM, an inventory assessment is more than just an accounting operation of auditing on-site physical assets and services. Once OptiCOMM teams have collected the physical data, we then assess the merits of these assets and services for any optimization and cost efficiency gains. Through this vital piece of the project, we often recover meaningful savings from the elimination of needless or outdated services. The results are a restoring of a truly accurate database of telecom assets and services that is further optimized. The inventory database now provides your organization with enhanced future decision-making effectiveness without the guesswork.

Efficiency Gains Reign

Network Optimization with OptiCOMM is a core piece of a TIO that compares client needs to its actual telecom infrastructure. The overriding goal is to restore the efficiency of a client’s telecom environment to a point where they have the optimal services and assets they need and are accurately paying for them. OptiCOMM teams scrutinize a client’s telecom data across a multitude of areas, including bandwidth, traffic, service features, rates and plans, etc. Our engineering analysis uncovers areas of efficiency improvements that often result in savings recovered. Telecom is simply a natural breeding ground for excess, unnecessary or outdated services and assets. It happens organically, given the constant change of technology advances, mergers, downsizings, and a naïve over-reliance on your omnipresent vendors who always have something to sell. This happens in every large organization and our TIOs and Network Optimization efforts strive to restore order, right-size your network, and gather up the efficiency improvements and savings for better use.

Realized Savings Beats Paper Savings

Our savings solutions are specifically documented in great detail for your telecom staff- vs. vague “white paper” savings that leave you mystified and unrewarded. Not only are these savings clearly specified, but our invaluable Implementation Initiation phase makes them fully realized. We immediately  contact vendors to get assigned order numbers and schedule work dates to initiate service changes. Carriers are advised to initiate change orders and billing corrections.  OptiCOMM coordinates the earliest dates for these changes to take effect. Continued follow-up by our team is done on all work order dates, to confirm when the work is actually completed.  Finally, we notify you when the lowered rate, the service reduction, or the effects of an asset removal will hit your billing as a cost reduction or credit. While other consultants have already left with your check, we not only give you the hard details of where the money can be found, but stay involved in the project and follow-through on critical next steps. Instead of leaving our clients waiting for biased vendors or carriers to procrastinate on making changes that reduce their own profits, OptiCOMM stays involved to make these changes faster- for our client’s best interests. The optimized network and deep savings recovery your organization seeks, are now a tangible reality. 

Assurances of Our Value

Upfront, OptiCOMM provides clients with assurances that the project will be a worthwhile investment. We give you our Guarantee that we will recover savings of at least 11% of the annual telecom spend that is mutually agreed as being “in-scope” for the project. The larger the scope and breadth we have to scrutinize for a client, the better our chances are to maximize their greatest network efficiency and savings gains. While the upfront Guarantee is worthy enough, the long history at OptiCOMM on these projects shows we actually average 18-20% savings recovery! Take a closer look at our Guarantee details for more information.

TIO Multi-Phase Process