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Pres. Trump Requests Military Budget Increase and Seeks Cost-Efficiency Gains in Public Sector (2/2017)

OptiCOMM and its government services subsidiary, QRF Tech LLC stand poised and ready to assist military entities in efforts to recover substantial telecom savings and optimization by reducing unnecessary, costly services and assets across the full breadth of installations, bases, branches and sites. Our security-clearance telecom personnel can expedite the start-up of these projects easily so projects are completed swiftly and savings returned for better uses.

Global Bank Client Signs 10th Project with OptiCOMM (2/2017)

Our latest engagement for this valued repeat client involves line optimization and billing analysis on a national level. Past projects for this client have included WAMU Circuits Inventory Reconciliation, Billing Audit & Optimization, Voice & Data Billing Review, and multiple Telecom Inventory Assessments.

In-Home Healthcare Client Enlists OptiCOMM For 2nd Project (1/2017)

In a follow-up to a very successful contract negotiation project, an In-Home Healthcare Client has retained OptiCOMM to oversee the implementation of the contract and ensure that savings are maximized. The project will consist of rolling out the carrier's hosted unified communication service, standardizing site bandwidth based on service criteria, and consolidating the vendor pool into primary and secondary vendors. The project is expected to be completed Q2 2017.

QRF Tech Services Now Purchasable Via "SEWP V" Catalog (9/2016)

Contact information and services detail about QRF, Tech telecom consulting services is now available for purchase through the SEWP Directory. Additionally, QRF Tech, LLC is also an GSA-approved vendor.

OptiCOMM Acquires QRF Tech, LLC (2/2016)

QRF Tech LLC is officially now a government services subsidiary of OptiCOMM. This acquisition expands OptiCOMM telecom consulting services and expertise into the public sector. The subsidiary will act as our public sector arm and GSA-registered vendor to assist government and military entities with large scale telecom consulting projects that provide substantial savings recovery opportunity. The dedicated manpower teams of telecom experts that will be utilized for these projects already have their security clearance access.

Three more OptiCOMM team members get PMP-certification (11/2015)

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. Studies show PMP-certified employees substantially increase on-time, on-budget, on-goal project performance. Congratulations on your achievement! Woohooo!


Client: Global Bank

  • Recovered $12.5 million in annual savings
  • Removed 2,200 unnecessary, costly circuits
  • Assisted with managing consolidation of 2 acquisitions

Client: Healthcare Entity

  • Optimized network efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recovered $5 million in annual savings
  • Reduced annual telecom spend by 20%
  • Conducted on-site visits of 572 locations

Client: Aerospace Company

  • Optimized network efficiency and effectiveness
  • Recovered $7.0 million in annual savings
  • Avoided additional $4.4 million in unnecessary CapEX
  • Removed 17,500 (22%) unneeded lines & handsets
  • Developed accurate asset inventory


OptiCOMM Acquires QRF Tech

Network Experts with Security Clearance

In 2016, OptiCOMM acquired QRF Tech, LLC, an entrepreneurial consulting company which specializes in network engineering and bandwidth optimization for public agencies and private sector corporations. This acquisition expands OptiCOMM's expertise into the public sector and provides OptiCOMM's private sector clients access to cutting edge optimization tools.

For more information see our QRF Tech page.