Telecom Optimization and Management Services

Sit Back and Let Us Manage and Take Care of Your Telecommunications Network Optimization

Optimal telecom optimization and management requires a careful balancing and proper maintenance of three core elements: Inventory Management, Change Management, and Billing Management. Our TIO project is ideally suited to help clients realign and rebalance their telecom environment. These elements are not only interrelated, but they are also interdependent. When one area becomes inaccurate or less effectively managed, that area also negatively affects the performance of the other two areas. The consequences include inefficiency, over-spending, and problematic and error-prone decision-making. The ability to correct these systemic problems becomes increasingly difficult without seeking outside expertise.

Telecom Network Optimization – The Solution to Imbalance

While these issues are undesirable in any organization, they are commonplace occurrences in most organizations. The fast pace of technology changes coupled with network infrastructures absorbing upsizing and downsizing needs make telecom optimization and management no easy task. OptiCOMM clients share one common telecom dilemma. Despite best management efforts, they lose their grip on sustaining an optimal telecom environment over time. The source of the problem could be anywhere or everywhere across that Change-Inventory-Billing Management spectrum. Having even one of these three core areas get off kilter, throws the whole equilibrium of optimal management out of balance. OptiCOMM can help an internal telecom department restore order to those core areas. We know where, how, and why to seek and find solutions to your problem.

Telecom managers naturally struggle to keep pace with their changing universe and to maintain a network that stays cost-effective. Despite the best of intentions, however, an all too common over-reliance on vendors leads to biased decisions and a bloated infrastructure that impair optimal Change and Inventory Management capabilities. Trying to make proper decisions based on an inaccurate inventory of telecom assets is simply a losing game. Contract negotiations done without industry insider expertise can leave you with sub-par terms and costly rates you can’t escape for years. "Lean and mean" in-house staffing levels only make things tougher. OptiCOMM expertise in telecom optimization and telecom inventory management can help you get your organization’s telecom efficiency and spend back in balance in these critical areas and restore management effectiveness.

Comprehensive Telecom Audits

Deep scrutiny of bills for inaccuracies requires an intense, dedicated manpower effort not always available at the internal level. Beyond just the comparison of billed vs contract rates, there lies an even more critical question. Did you even need that? Even if an asset or service initially made sense to buy, OptiCOMM asks, “Do you still need it today?” While billing auditors can find the obvious errors, OptiCOMM goes to a far deeper level of scrutiny with our telecom audit services. We first assess the appropriateness of the service or asset, and then look for billing errors. The net result is more optimal and impactful to our clients by our assessing efficiency issues and conducting service reasonableness checks along with billing reviews.

Achieving Optimal Telecom Optimization and Balance

To achieve optimal telecom optimization and management of the three core areas, OptiCOMM brings its clients a closed-loop process of consulting expertise that ties all three telecom elements together and re-balances your telecom management picture. Once our project is completed, client deliverables include an efficient network that is truly optimized, an asset inventory that is now accurate and useful, and substantial savings that are surfaced for far better strategic use. Your telecom spend will reflect just the assets and services you actually need at the lowest cost possible. Your telecom core areas are now properly re-aligned and can operate in a highly effective, cost-efficient manner once again.

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